Transformation – from diagnostics to therapeutics
An innovative medical technology company strengthens its leadership position.

In order to reflect a renewed focus on its neuro-diagnostic business, we helped strategically reposition XLTEK through an integrated branding program, successfully increasing its profile with customers and the investment community alike.

The new logo represents the crossover between advanced technology and medical need, focusing on better patient care.
Following a successful but challenging year, we created a no-nonsense annual report that supported the organizations growth strategies while presenting a clear and confident outlook.
The new web site reinforces a unique and consistent brand personality while addressing a variety of stakeholder and user requirements. Video testimonials of management and staff reinforce personal commitment, quality and care associated with putting patient care first.
Brand stewardship is an important element of success in any identity program. As such, graphic standards were developed to ensure consistent implementation, and are being updated as the program proceeds throughout the transition period.
For the company’s products, we developed a new nomenclature and branding system that supported a strong connection to the parent organization.